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Do you judge a book by its Cover?

As a passionate creative designer, I thrive for new ideas, new places, extraordinary things and anything related to visual communication. I enjoy art, design, I like travelling, I like walking and discovering new places - I do watch people eat, talk, behave and most importantly how they react in situations.

On May 2019 I visited Berlin for the first time and I loved it :) I visited many cities in Europe but this city has something different, I can imagine myself living there. Heard a lot of views on this subject I believe you either gonna hate or love it.

Can you imagine what is inside this dump place ?

Walking towards streets in Berlin, one minute you’re standing on Kantstraße outside a dodgy-looking, mirrored building covered in graffiti, the next you’re walking into an elite Japanese restaurant adorned with marble countertops, plush interiors and a theatrical open kitchen and bar.

If you wonder what Number 893 means -> 8 9 3 in Japanese it reads YA-KU-ZA (Japanese Mafia) Its the worst combination of cards you can get in a traditional Japanese card game.

If you judge a book by its cover from the outside the place looks like a total dump but, is it part of the branding? You would never expect Berlins BEST Japanese restaurant is here!

893 Ryōtei Japanese Restaurant

Kantstraße 135, 10625 Berlin, Germany

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