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The Cooktails Recipe

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

To start with if you have an idea and you want to promote it, you need a name and a logo.Your logo needs to convey the right feeling to your customer, as well as the right message. If you don't have one the first thing that you need to do is brainstorm.

What is brainstorming? 

Brainstorming is a group creativity technique effort to find a conclusion for a specific problem/question/idea by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its members. Brainstorming can be made individually, with a couple of friends/or colleagues, or in this case just you and the client. 

"Cooktails" designed for a special friend… YES… as a Graphic Designer, the people that first needs your services and to help you build your portfolio are your valuable friends.


Laying back on Maria’s couch were started thinking out loud words that pop in our minds about her idea of cooking homemade for people for any occasion ….you see Maria has a passion for culinary art and gastronomy, she is a Self-Taught Chef, from early age she was helping her mom cook and take care of her little brothers and from what I remember in all her past birthdays the list of the desired presents she wanted was cooking equipment and tools to make cakes, pastries and dishes.

So that day I remember we were sharing words about cooking, but as a creative person that I am, I always think and act differently from most people and something that is very common in this field is to play with words and mix them with other words and out of the blue I said "cooktails" inspired by cocktails.

Cocktails are mixing spirits, bitters, sugar and create a unique experience that requires an infinity imagination of a bartender. So is "Cooktails" a creative process mixing ingredients to prepare and cook a dish. 

I started explaining to Maria why "cooktails" , my thought, the idea..She is the idea behind. Maria inspired me to create "cooktails" so "cooktails" was created for Maria..she paused and stay silent and a few minutes later she said to me YES this is the one. I like it. Do it. So I did...

Cooking is very much an art, and just like painting or making music, it’s inspired by the work of those who have come before the artist. 

Maria Pachipi is cooking for people, events, catering, weddings, special occasions, exhibitions, birthdays, corporate parties, name days and more.

Maria Pachipi is the brand behind @cooktails_bymp 

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