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Image by Robin Schreiner

Hey There

 I'm Antigoni, the creative mind behind antigonika studio. As a graphic designer, entrepreneur, and digital marketer, I thrive on crafting unique ideas for individuals and businesses.

Why antigonika?

When I returned to Cyprus from my studies, I started my freelance career and needed a name that would truly represent me and help me connect with clients.


Spontaneously, "antigonika" emerged as a name that quickly became recognized and accepted as synonymous with my crafts. It embodies my journey and artistic persona, and I knew I couldn't embark on my business venture without this brand by my side.


In 2020, I proudly formed my business under ANTIGONIKA LTD, inspired by the belief that the name truly represents my identity and the path I've carved for myself.

antigonika is more than just a business: it's the reflection of my personal journey, storytelling skills, and unwavering passion for my craft.

Let's dive deeper 

Let's dive deeper into the name "antigonika".

The inclusion of the word "nika" holds profound significance. Derived from Greek mythology, "nika" symbolizes victory.


As a woman entrepreneur, I embrace this empowering concept, asserting my voice and determination in the digital realm.


Speaking of Greek mythology, the name Antigoni holds its own tale. It translates to "worthy of one's parents" or "in place of one's parents."

This embodiment of responsibility and honor resonates deeply with me and sets the foundation for antigonika studio.


Image by Marjan Blan

While I am the driving creative force, I have also handpicked a team of skilled professionals who bring expertise and experience to the table.

Together, we are committed to cultivating trust and fostering meaningful partnerships with our clients.

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